Disorders in modern life

In general, anxiety is an emotional discomfort associated with the unpleasant experiences or dangers even if everything is well. In this case, a person feels a background sensation of an impending disaster or something like that.

So, personal anxiety is an increased tendency to experience anxiety and agitation without any weighty reasons.

In fact, people suffering from anxiety rarely seek help from this disease, but they often seek medical help if they have other symptoms. Anxiety disorder can be effectively treated with psychotherapy and drugs. With the help of psychotherapy, they can try to weaken the effect of the cause of anxiety and find ways to get rid of it. Sometimes anxiety precedes the onset of depression, so a timely reference to a doctor or medical treatment help can prevent the development of depression.

What are the main symptoms of anxiety?

There are several symptoms which help to determine this disease even with early stage. Usually, patients have the following symptoms:

  • pain in the abdomen or chest
  • difficult breathing
  • a lump in the throat
  • coughing and dizziness
  • an unreasonable stab of fear (for instance, a person may be afraid to die from a common, completely treatable disease, form getting into a catastrophe or becoming a victim of a crime, etc.)

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Scott Hill

Scott Hill