Finding the Results for Addiction Now

You are not alone with that! Dependencies (e.g. of alcohol, drugs, gambling, media, medicines) can destroy one’s own life planning. Advice and help are recognized and effective here.The specialized agencies for addiction and addiction prevention help you to assess your situation correctly. Here you and / or your family, friends or acquaintances can be advised. They receive information and individual support.


The consumption of alcohol is often underestimated and its effect is like downplayed. Alcohol is socially accepted, but the limit to addiction is often difficult to recognize. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to numerous physical and mental illnesses. Families, friendships, work and work can be disturbed and significantly burdened.

Computer Games, Internet, Social Media

The supply of games that can be used on smartphones, computers and other devices is constantly growing. The entry age is constantly decreasing. Men are more likely to use online role-playing games and other games, and women mostly use the so-called social media. Experts speak of both excessive use and dependency. Today nobody can do without the use of new media. It is necessary to come to a reasonable usage behavior.

Family, work, friends, acquaintances

Everywhere there are people who have to do with addicted or endangered people. As a family, friends, acquaintances and work colleagues, you do not have to watch helplessly. You can get information and advice.

Women and men

Women and men can develop addictions in very different ways. Gender-specific individual and group counseling services are provided.


Gambling is when money is being played. Gambling is the name of the game, because gaining money depends mainly on chance and not on the knowledge, ability or skill of the person. Examples include classic lotteries, slot games, sports betting and poker. In addition to the well-known gambling sites, online gambling is gaining importance. Again, a dependency can arise.

Illegal drugs

Certain substances are subject to the Narcotics Act (BtMG). These addictive substances are therefore also referred to as illegal drugs. The BtMG is subject to opioids such as morphine and heroin, cocaine, cannabis (marijuana, hashish), stimulants (such as amphetamines) and hallucinogens (eg LSD). The regular use of illegal drugs can lead to dependency and have far-reaching health, (criminal) legal and social consequences. The specialist agencies are subject to confidentiality. The outpatient drug rehab is essential as a cure.

Children with addicted parents

There are about 2.5 million children in Germany with addicted parents. For children of addicted parents, the risk of becoming addicted themselves in the course of their lives is three to four times that of other children. The specialized agencies can provide targeted help.


It is estimated that between 1.4 and 2.3 million people in the country are dependent on medication. These are usually painkillers, sleep aids and sedatives. It has long been known that women are more affected than men by this addiction. Even people of advanced age are particularly at risk. With them, especially the most prescribed sleeping pills (benzodiazepines) in the long term z. B. increase the risk of falling and also promote the development of dementia.

Scott Hill

Scott Hill